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«  MMM » is a photographic series project based on the multiplicity of the unique.

Each Person is unique. 


By his features, his behaviour and his personality, but never shows himself in the same way.

Moods fluctuate, expressions vary, and the state of mind is by no means constant.


It is these differences, these several “selfs” that are showed in this project. Show that being unique also means accept the “several” that make us.

Diverting the principle of photographic superposition, this project strives through an accumulation of differents shots to clone its subject. One same subject in a fixed unit of time, frozen several times : A gateway to diversity. 


In a society that pushes us to consume the same products everywhere in the world, wich tends to formalize, conform and standardize, aren’t we gradually becoming clones of each others ?

Where can we differentiate ourselves ? Where doses our uniqueness begin and where does our resemblance end ?

I am “unique” but yet I am “many”. Because I am in perpetual motion and I keep on fluctuating…

… I am “much many of me”.

Much Many of Me

Loll Willems is interested in this project in the theme of identity and self-search. For the first time he opens the door on one of hi most personal research.

Thought with the participants, the stagind is defined by the message that each wishes to give of his vision of himself as a unique human. Reflecting the personality of each of them, who are not just simple models, but full-fledged actors in the choice of scenography.



Much Many of Me


Composed of a multitude of shots, each piece represents hundred hours of assembly. Based on a technique developed for this project and constantly evolving, each “MMM” is like the participants in this project : unique. 

The complexity as well the time needed for the realization of each “MMM”, against the way in an era where immediacy is law, increases its value and its rarity.



Much Many of Me



The purpose of this first series is an exhibition of each “MMM” in wide size in order to appreciate all the details and a photo book. 
Then continue with more different people, in different places, to affirm even more that we are not the copy of anyone else and that each of us is Unique.



Much many of me Logo
Much Many of Me Book


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